Egypt, UK military drill ‘Ahmose-1’ kicks off in Alexandria’s Mohamed Naguib military base

Egypt and UK launched on Thursday a joint military drill, codenamed “Ahmose-1”, in Alexandria’s Mohamed Naguib military base.

UK military personnel and equipment had arrived at the air bases and seaports over the past days to participate in the military exercise that includes training on terror-fighting and actual-combat operations in cities.

“Ahmose-1” is one of the finest joint exercises that are carried out by the Egyptian and British armed forces, a matter that demonstrates the strong ties between the two countries, said the assistant to the head of the Armed Forces Training Authority.

For his part, the commander of the UK troops participating in the military exercise asserted the depth of ties between the Egyptian and UK armed forces that work together to entrench peace and stability in the Middle East region.

Earlier, the UK Embassy in Cairo said the month-long exercise, which sees the participation of around 165 military personnel, will bring together British and Egyptian troops and contribute to the growing strategic military partnership between both countries.

“Ahmose marks the beginning of increased defense cooperation between our countries, to develop and ensure a safer, more secure region,” British ambassador to Egypt Sir Geoffrey Adams said.

Source: State Information Service Egypt