Egypt will host, next week, its first joint paratroopers’ military exercise with Russia, dubbed “Friendship Protectors 2016,” the Egyptian military spokesman said.

The joint exercise, which will be held from Oct 15 to 26, includes exchange of training expertise, in special forces tasks, carrying out light, medium and heavy dropping of paratroopers, equipment and vehicles of joint elements from both sides, military spokesman, Mohamed Samir said, in a statement.

He added that the upcoming Egyptian-Russian military exercise is part of the training plan of the Egyptian Armed Forces, noting that Egypt holds military exercises with more than 30 friendly countries and carries out about 20 joint exercises per year.

Egypt’s ties with Russia grow stronger, since Egyptian President, Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi came to office, in mid-2014, despite last year’s Russian plane crash in Egypt’s Sinai that killed over 200, mostly Russians.

In May, Egypt approved the use of a 25 billion U.S. dollar loan from Russia, in the construction of the first nuclear power plant in the most populous Arab country, according to official MENA news agency.

Egypt has recently voted for a Russian draft resolution at the UN Security Council over Syria, which is believed to have disturbed Egypt’s biggest Gulf ally Saudi Arabia, although Egypt voted for a rival Western draft resolution.

Egypt said, it voted for both resolutions, which failed to pass at the international body, out of keenness on a relief for the Syrian people, particularly those in Aleppo, regardless of any political considerations.

“Egypt supports all efforts seeking to halt the tragedy of the Syrian people, and so it voted for both resolutions based on their contents, not on political bids that have already become a barrier to the work of the council,” said Ambassador Amr Aboul-Ata, Egypt’s representative at the UN.