Egypt: The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights Holds a Conference On “Parliament and the Constitutional Entitlements” Next Tuesday

By Christian Okpara

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has disclosed that it has started a process that will see the Super Eagles beating Egypt home and away in their Gabon 2017 African Nations Cup qualifiers, which hold later this month.

Nigeria will host Egypt in Kaduna on March 26 and travel to Cairo to face the Pharaohs three days later.

Speaking on the NFF’s preparations for the double header, the federation’s first Vice President, Seyi Akinwunmi, said in Lagos yesterday that the Super Eagles’ new technical crew, led by Samson Siaisa, has started a programme that will see Nigeria’s best players from around the world coming down to the country to begin preparations for the game.

He said the federation has put the ‘unsavoury experience’ with Coach Sunday Oliseh behind it, adding that the plan in now to ensure that Nigeria got the six points in the games against Egypt.

He said “the coaches have started working out the programme for the matches against Egypt and just yesterday, they met to compile the names of the players needed for the ties.

The Egyptian Organization for Human rights holds a conference on “Parliament and the constitutional entitlements”

Next Tuesday

On next Tuesday 1st March 2016, The Egyptian Organization for human rights holds a conference under the motto of ” Parliament and the Constitutional entitlements” at Pyramisa hotel , dokki ,lotus conference hall amid the participation of a group of political parties’ representatives , Universities professors and Human rights activists.

Hafez Abu Seada – head of the Egyptian organization for human rights – confirmed that the current parliament is carrying a heavy burden due to the legislative revolution that should be carried out to purify and filter the legislations and replace them by other legislations which are not contradictory and achieving the essential purpose of building the new Egypt and matching the new reality after 25th and 30th revolutions.

Abu seada pointed that there are constitutional entitlements that have to be activated such as protection of human rights Act, National Electoral Commission Act ,as the constitutional Articles 208,209 and 210 states the formation of the committee along with its terms of reference starting from preparing and updating voters’ data base, suggesting the distribution of constituencies and determining, monitoring regulations of Advertising, funding and the transparency of Electoral spending, the National commission for press Act according to Article 212 that states the management of the state-owned press institutions The National Commission for Media Act as stated in the constitutional Article 213 that the commission is responsible to manage the state-owned visual ,digital and radio Media institutions. Transitional Justice Act as stated in Articles 16 and 241that the state is obliged to take care of the casualties in the Egyptian revolution and the security operations and their spouses and children and parents, and provide them with job opportunities and the parliament is obliged in his first session to legislate the transitional justice Act that unveil the truth and guarantee accountability, and to propose national reconciliation frameworks, and compensate the victims in accordance with international standards.

Abu seada added that there are other required Acts such as organizing prisons Act, demonstration Act taxes, education, insurance and health, etc.

The conference will be attended by Dr/ Ahmed Al Borei, Professor of social legislation and former Minister of Solidarity, Dr. samie Eleesh Secretary-General of the National Center for supporting NGOs, Dr. Nour El din Ali Constitutional expert, Mr. Anwar EL hawary Journalist and the chief editor of “Al Masry Al Youm”, Mr. Ahmed Abd el Hafez lawyer in Supreme court and Vice head of the Egyptian Organization for human rights, Dr. Abd El khalek Farwk journalist and economic, strategic expert. Dr. Salah salam member of the National Council for Human Rights, Dr. fadeih Mogheeth educational expert and professor of political sociology, Mr. talal shokr labor leader, Dr. Shreif kassem Professor of Economics and banks Sadat Academy and secretary general of the Federation of Egyptian Trade Unions, Director of the Syndicate of socialists, Dr. Abdul Majeed Abdul Hafeez Professor of Public Law University of Beni Suef, Dr. Nevin Massad professor of political science, Dr. Mokhtar Ghobashy professor of political science,Essam Sheeha lawyer in supreme court and Secretary-General of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights.

Source: All Africa