Egypt says it follows up with great interest developments in Sudan

The Foreign Ministry said Egypt is closely following up with great interest the current developments in Sudan.

In a statement released Thursday, the Foreign Ministry stressed Egypt’s full support for the Sudanese people’s choices and free will in formulating the future of their own country, in addition to what the Sudanese people will agree upon at such a crucial stage.

This comes in accordance with Egypt’s firm stance about the full respect for Sudan’s sovereignty and national decision, the statement said.

Egypt expresses its full confidence in the ability of the Sudanese people and loyal national army to overcome this critical stage and its challenges in a way that helps achieve their hopes and ambitions in their quest for stability, welfare and development, it said.

The Foreign Ministry added that Egypt asserts its firm intention to preserve the deep-rooted ties between the two peoples of the Nile Valley in light of the unity of their destiny.

Egypt calls on the international community to support the Sudanese people’s choices and what will be agreed upon at this critical stage, the statement said.

Cairo also urges the brotherly and friendly countries to support and assist Sudan to achieve peaceful transition towards a better future for the Sudanese people, it added.

Source: State Information Service Egypt