Egypt: Presidential Decrees Pardoning Prisoners On Eidul Fitr, July Revolution Anniversary

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi issued on Saturday 9/7/2016 a presidential decree pardoning detainees on Eidul Fitr and the 64th anniversary of the July Revolution.

Under the decree, those who are sentenced to 25 years in jail and served 15 years until July 6 will be granted amnesty.

Also, those who face freedom-restrictive penalties and spent half of their term until July 6 will be pardoned. The pardoned prisoner should at least have served six months in jail.

Also, those who were slapped several freedom-restrictive penalties in several cases and spent half of the sentences issued against them collectively will also be granted amnesty.

Prisoners complying with previous conditions should enjoy good conduct and their release will not be dangerous to public security in addition to paying all their financial dues under the court rulings if the prisoner is not financially-strapped.

Source: Egypt State Information Service