Egypt police face trial for alleged assault on doctors

Egyptian prosecutors Wednesday referred nine policemen to trial for allegedly using violence against two doctors at a public hospital when they refused to falsify a medical report, officials said.

January’s incident in Cairo’s northern district of Matareya caused a major backlash, with thousands of doctors later demonstrating outside their union headquarters in the city.

The trial will open Tuesday with the policemen being charged with the use of violence and verbally assaulting the doctors in the Jan. 28 incident, two prosecution officials said.

Egypt’s police have been on the defensive as rights groups denounce a rise in torture and deaths in custody since late 2015, as well as arbitrary arrests and “disappearances” of government opponents.

The alleged abuses are reminiscent to many of police behavior under the rule of longtime president Hosni Mubarak, who stepped down after a January 2011 uprising fueled by public outrage over security forces abuses

Source: National News Agency