Egypt participates in Paris Book Fair for 1st time

Egypt is set to participate for the first time in this year’s edition of Paris Book Fair, which will kick off on Thursday and run until Monday, to mark the Egyptian-French cultural year.

In a statement on Wednesday 13/3/2019, head of the National Center for Translation Anwar Moghith said that various sectors of Egypt’s Ministry of Culture will take part in the book fair, adding that the country’s pavilion will hold several cultural events, including seminars and book signing ceremonies.

Moghith highlighted the great importance of participating in Paris Book Fair which is open for the audience, enabling them to get acquainted with the latest Egyptian releases.

The book fair will also enable the Culture Ministry to communicate with several French publishing houses to obtain intellectual property rights of new releases to be published by the national translation center, he said.

The national translation center seeks making agreements with a number of publishing houses to implement its ambitious plan to translate materials from Arabic into French, he added.

Source: State Information Service Egypt