Egypt Partakes in 13th Symposium on ICT, Environment and Climate Change, ITU SG5 Meeting

Egypt, represented by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), will participate in the 13th Symposium on ICT, Environment and Climate Change, held on May 13, and the meeting of the Study Group (SG5) Environment, Climate Change and Circular Economy, organized by the Telecommunication Standardization Sector of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-T) on May 13-22, in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Symposium will be organized by the ITU, together with Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, UN Environment, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, United Nations Human Settlements Programme, United Nations Industrial Development Organization and UN-Women.

Under the theme The role of frontier technologies in combating climate change and achieving a circular economy, this year’s Symposium aims to stimulate global dialogues on using frontier technologies to accelerate climate and circular economy actions.

The Symposium will be collocated with the ITU-T SG 5 Meeting. SG5 is responsible for studies on methodologies for evaluating ICT effects on climate change and publishing guidelines for using ICTs in an eco-friendly way. Under its environmental mandate, SG5 is also responsible for studying design methodologies to reduce ICTs and e-waste’s adverse environmental effects, for example, through recycling ICT facilities and equipment.

Egypt is the Vice Chair of SG5 for the period 2016-2020, the Rapporteur of Question 7 on circular economy including e-waste, the Rapporteur Assistant of Question 9 on climate change and assessment of information and communication technology (ICT) in the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the Vice Chair of the Arab Regional group of SG5 and the African Regional group.

In addition, Egypt is one of the oldest members in the ITU and has 16 sector members from the private sector in the union. It is also a founding member of the Partners to Connect the World initiative. Egypt is an active participant in the ITU Telecommunication Development Sector (ITU-D) activities and it has succeeded in establishing the first regional subgroup in SG2. This, in turn, further enhances the regional presence of ITU and increases its involvement with developing countries in Africa and the Arab World.

ITU is the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies (ICTs). It was founded in 1865. It facilitates international connectivity in communications networks, allocates global radio spectrum and satellite orbits, develops the technical standards that ensure networks and technologies seamlessly interconnect, and strives to improve access to ICTs to underserved communities worldwide.

Source: Ministry of Communications and Information Technology