Egypt: On the Anniversary of the International Women’s Day the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights Calls Upon the President to Release the Arrested Students for the Sake of Their Mothers

On the Anniversary of the International Women’s Day

The Egyptian Organization for human rights calls upon The President to release the arrested students for the sake of their mothers

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) calls upon the president /Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to grant the presidential amnesty for the youth who were sentenced to prison because of the demonstration cases for the sake of their mothers who are suffering from their absence.

The EOHR had demanded the president to adopt a presidential decree of pardon for those imprisoned students previously but EOHR believes that the International women’s day and Mother’s day, are suitable anniversaries deserving amnesty for those students to reduce the suffering of their mothers and enable those students to complete their education.

As we can note that the Egyptian Women conditions need to be reviewed by the president regarding the legislations’ system and laws related to their rights politically and socially as well as providing social environment based on respect for women.

Undoubtedly, the conditions of the Egyptian women witnessed the achievement of many positive elements recently such as, Act No.1 of 2000, regulating certain legal procedures pertaining to matters of personal status and the Family Court Act No.10 of 2004, which facilitate the adjudication of cases involving personal status, the Enforcement of sentences and the abolition of absentia proceedings system and the Appeals against personal status cases.

The Citizenship Act in 2004 which achieved full constitutional gender equality between the father and the mother with respect to the nationality of children by granting the Egyptian Nationality to the children of Egyptian women married to foreigner, and the acceptable proportion of seats in the Egyptian Parliament, 2015, that was obtained by women candidates.

On his Part Hafez Abu Seada, President of EOHR, has confirmed that the Egyptian women still deserve more especially that the Egyptian women stood by the Egyptian man throughout all political and social phases of progression.

Abu Seada added that The President paid special attention to the women since the beginning of his electoral round which requires to be translated into action on the ground by the alleviation of the suffering of those women through releasing their imprisoned children as well as other claims such as the Enactment of laws on societal violence and Sexual harassment against women.

Source All Africa