Egypt: ‘Limited’ Fire Erupts in Cairo Governorate Building – Statement

The Cairo governorate said a “limited” fire broke out on Thursday morning in its building in the Abdeen area in Central Cairo, making it the latest in a series of fires that hit the capital since Monday.

The Civil Protection forces managed to bring the fire, which erupted in a room on an upper floor of the building, under control, according to the Cairo governorate’s statement.

Health ministry spokesman Khaled Megahed said that five individuals were injured in the fire, no deaths reported.

The Cairo governorate added that the preliminary inspection suggests the fire was caused by an “electric fault”.

On Monday, Cairo’s popular al-Ataba neighbourhood in Downtown Cairo witnessed a fire that claimed the lives of three individuals and resulted in the injury of 91 others, according to the health ministry.

The fire erupted at dawn in a six-storey hotel located in al-Ataba, which is famous for its big market and crowdedness.

The hotel was evacuated once the fire erupted, but the fire spread to another building, which is adjacent to the hotel. A number of shops were destroyed by the fire.

Two days later, another fire broke out in the historic area of al-Ghuria, also located in Central Cairo. The fire initiated in two fabric shops in the early hours of Wednesday.

Ghuria is part of the historical Islamic Cairo, wherein lies the “wikala” of al-Ghuri which is a place for traders to sell various products, most popular of which is fabric.

A ministry of antiquities official stated that the fire did not affect the historical buildings of Ghuria.

Source: Aswat Masriya