CAIRO, Egypt, Sept 3 – Egyptian President, Abdelfatah Al-Sisi, reiterated keenness on the security of the Arabian Gulf region, and that Egypt and the Arab Gulf countries shared common security interests.

Al-Sisi, during a meeting with U.S. Congressman, Howard McKeon, Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, said, Egypt has always warned against spread of extremist ideologies among regional countries, which then reach Western countries.

Presidency spokesman, Ehab Badawi, quoted Al-Sisi as saying, that the fight against terrorism should be carried out at the security, economic and social fronts.

“Instead of spending huge sums of money on the military war against terrorism, the security confrontation should take place in parallel with helping moderate countries in the region, to boost their economies, as well as, increasing their capabilities to provide housing and decent life for their people,” he said.

Al-Sisi, meanwhile, said, the “war against terrorism” in Sinai would take time, in order to prevent loss of civilians.

Badawi said, Al-Sisi and McKeon reviewed the political situation in Egypt, over the past three years, and discussed the sell of Apache helicopters to the North African country.

He said, the US delegation, headed by McKeon, was on a regional tour that also included Jordan, Israel, and Morocco.

The delegation, said Badawi, reaffirmed political and economic support for Egypt.– NNN-KUNA