Egypt joined Metz Charter on Biodiversity – Sisi

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi announced on Monday August 26,2019 that Egypt joined Metz Charter on Biodiversity as it believes it plays an important role in preserving biological diversity.

The charter runs in line with Egypt’s initiative that was launched during the 14th Biological Diversity Conference in Sharm el Sheikh in November, he said while addressing a G7 summit’s special session on climate, biological diversity and oceans on Monday morning.

The initiative aims at promoting a coherent implementation of the three Rio conventions on climate, desertification and biological diversity.

Sisi said environment-related issues are of great importance as they constitute an integral part of any sustainable development mechanism.

Sisi said climate change is one of the vital issues at the present as it poses a serious threat to all of us, calling for putting into effect necessary obligations to mitigate the effect of climate change.

Unfortunately, Africa is the most affected from climate change though the size its greenhouse emissions is nothing compared to the global emissions, the President said.

He called for striking a balance between efforts to lower emissions and between showing respect to the national property of all measures taken in this regard.

He also urged for providing necessary funds to enable developing nations in facing the impact of climate change and support the African continent with necessary means of technology to help it face climate change.

Source: State Information Service Egypt