Egypt in Fierce War Against Terror – Foreign Ministry

Egypt is waging a fierce war against terrorism not only to defend its national soil but the civilized world as a whole, the Foreign Ministry said on Saturday 04/07/2015.

Egypt, like all world countries, is a target to terrorist attacks, the most recent of which were in Tunisia, Kuwait, France and Nigeria, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

This means that terrorism is an international phenomenon that is seeking to undermine world stability and development, the statement added.

There is no doubt that all terrorist organizations adopt the same extremist ideologies, the Foreign Ministry added. One such organization is the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) group, which was formed in 1928, and is now coordinating operations on the ground, it said.

The Foreign Ministry stressed, yet again, that terrorism will never find a safe haven in Egypt.

Egypt will always lead the fight to beat the “enemies of humanity” and uproot terrorism, the Foreign Ministry added.