CAIRO, Feb 3– A homemade bomb exploded in central Cairo on Tuesday, security officials said.

The blast occurred near a busy square, and there were no immediate reports on casualties.

Islamist militants seeking to topple the government have carried out numerous bombing attacks on soldiers and police since the army toppled President Mohammad Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood in 2013.

Last week, IS’s Egyptian affiliate staged coordinated attacks in the Sinai Peninsula which killed more than 30 security personnel.

Meanwhile, Cairo airport officials heightened security measures after police found two bombs in different terminals of the city’s main airport, security sources told the news agency.

While no arrests were immediately made, airport security said they were reviewing video footage.

The bombs were detected using electronic devices early on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the European Union said a court in Egypt violated the country’s international human rights obligations by sentencing 183 men to death Monday for killing 13 policemen.

“Today’s decision of a court in Egypt to sentence 183 defendants to death following a mass trial is in violation of Egypt’s international human rights obligations,” the EU’s foreign service said in a statement.

The statement recalled that the EU categorically opposes capital punishment, which it says is cruel and inhuman and fails to act as a deterrent.

Monday’s verdict, which can be appealed, came after the initial sentences were sent to the grand mufti, the Egyptian government’s official interpreter of Islamic law, for ratification.

The policemen were killed in an attack on a police station in Kerdasa, a town on the outskirts of Cairo, on August 14, 2013.