Egypt Heads UN Counter-Terrorism Committee Meeting with participation of States from outside the Council for the First Time

Ahmed Abu Zeid, the Official Spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry, stated that the UN Security Council Counter-Terrorism Committee, which is currently chaired by Egypt, convened an informal meeting on Wednesday the 23rd of March to discuss the technical needs of Iraq in the field of counter-terrorism. The meeting included the members of the committee as well as representatives of Iraq, a number of UN members from outside the Security Council, and representatives from 16 international organizations, in a historical precedent for the organization, as the meetings of Security Council committees usually involve only Council members.

The spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry added that Ambassador Amr Aboul Atta, the permanent representative of Egypt at the UN and the head of the committee, opened the session with a minute of silence for the souls of those who died at the hands of terrorist acts in a number of countries including Iraq and Belgium. He also shared with the participants in the meeting the assessment by the executive director of the Counter-Terrorism Committee regarding Iraq’s priority technical assistance needs in order to combat terrorism. The meeting witnessed an extensive discussion with the various participants, reflecting the success of the attempt to expand the base of participation in these important meetings, a matter that will help enforce the ability of the Security Council to bring Iraq the aid that it needs.

Source: Arab Republic of Egypt.