Egypt, Germany sign protocol on vocational training

The Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI) and the German federal institution for education signed Saturday 30/03/2019 a protocol for vocational training.

After the signing ceremony, president of AOI Abdel Monem el Tarras stressed the importance of benefitting from the distinguished German expertise in the field of vocational training in order to meet the needs of the manufacturing sector and development.

Vocational education is seen as Egypt’s hope for having a quantum leap in the manufacturing sector, el Tarras said.

He pointed out that the Egyptians should change their misconceptions about the graduates of the vocational education system.

The deal aims at training workers to be better qualified for the labor market, he added.

Representative of the German federal institution for education Michelle Peter hailed the deal, which came as part of the German government’s keenness on boosting cooperation with Egypt.

Source: State Information Service Egypt