Egyptian Interior Minister, Major General Majdy Abdulghafar, on Sunday, accused the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group and its Palestinian offshoot, Hamas, of planning and carrying out the late top prosecutor, Hasham Barakat’s assassination operation.

In a press conference, Abdulghafar said that, the security agencies have arrested 14 Brotherhood elements, who directly partook in the bombing attack, and 34 others of the assassination cell, are still at large.

Barakat’s assassination was part of a broader conspiracy, plotted upon instructions from Turkey-based Brotherhood leaders and in cooperation with the Palestinian Hamas Movement, he said.

Abdulghafar pointed out that, the police have foiled a number of plots to kill senior officials and ambassadors of friendly Arab and non-Arab countries.

“All of those arrested were referred to the prosecution … they all admitted to being Brotherhood members,” he said.

He announced that, the arrested elements have been referred to prosecution and Egypt would take all necessary measures, to arrest the fugitives, including addressing the Interpol to issue arrest warrants against them.

Barakat, 64, was killed, when a car bomb struck his convoy in the up-scale east Cairo district of Heliopolis.

He was the most senior government official to be killed, since the June, 2013 revolution, that removed ex-President Mohammad Morsi from power.

Source: MENA