Egypt: Al Azhar’s Syllabi Accept Others, Stand Opposite to Terrorism

Abbas Shouman, deputy to Egypt’s Grand Imam, asserted on Tuesday, 15/3/2016 that Al Azhar developed its courses on principles that encourage dialogue with others and denounce all forms of terrorism and extremism.

During a seminar in the Faculty of Mass Communications, Shouman criticized what he called “Islamophobic” attacks launched by the western media outlets against Al Azhar.

Al Azhar received zero complaints, since its establishment more than 1000 years ago, over terror attacks launched by its students who had always been coming from all over the world, he said.

After accusation of four Azhar students over the assassination of former chief prosecutor Hisham Barakat, media campaigns, driven by western media, were directed against Al Azhar as a source of terror, he said.

Shouman said negative media reports did not provide objective details about the accident.

Al Azhar, like any other educational facility, cannot discover extremists before enrolling to its courses, he made it clear.

Source: MENA