Education minister meets with Egypt’s student union

By Fatma Khaled

Several representatives of member universities in Egypt’s Student Union (ESU) met with the Minister of Higher Education Hossam Eissa to discuss potential student movement regulations on Monday afternoon.

Representatives of various universities were present, including Cairo University and Ain Shams University.

The meeting was chaired by Mohamed Badran, the president of ESU, who gave a brief introduction about the union, and prioritised the demand of adjusting the students’ by- law.

Eissa said “The Egyptian students by -law is a vital demand to be achieved and will grant the Egyptian student full rights and consider his/her demands”.

He added that the student’s by law is also expected to include laws governing university organisations and their regulations.

The meeting included discussions about providing headquarters for the union and assigning its budget.

Various universities discussed several sub-issues, including regulations behind the presence of security forces on campus.

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