Deryan on Eit Fitr: We reject self security

Grand Mufti of the Republic, Sheikh Abdulatif Deryan, held on Wednesday Eid Fitr prayers at Mohammad Amine Mosque in Beirut, where he declared full support for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and refusal of domestic auto-security.

The Eid Fitr sermon was attend by representatives of PM Tammam Salam and former PM Saad Hariri, and a host of political, military and religious figures.

“It is the duty of a Muslim…to combat violence which breaches the three sanctities specified by Prophet Mohammad: the sanctity of blood, honor and dignity, and sanctity of money.”

The Mufti condemned the terror attacks which hit at Qaa town in Lebanon’s Bekaa, blaming the tragedy on interference of some in regional affairs at a time when most Lebanese opted for self-dissociation.

“This interference dragged the very fire it was attempting to combat,” noted Deryan, calling for rallying around the army and security forces.

The raging fires in neighboring countries, according to the Mufti, demanded that the Lebanese build an isolating wall through a strong state and solid administration that supported the army and legal security forces, thus allowing the Lebanese to live in peace and safety.

“Many have been speaking recently about Christians fearing for their fate. The truth is, we should all be afraid; however, it seems that the only fearless ones are some of our deputies and politicians who continuously fail to elect a president.”

The Mufti called on all components of Lebanese society to adhere to their state, refusing all forms of self-security, which he likened to “the law of the jungle.”

Deryan then shifted to the “Palestinian cause,” calling for more focus on it and describing Israel as a “cancer” that must be eradicated.

“The terrorist explosions in KSA…are similar to what is happening in Al Aqsa Mosque. So, beware of plots woven against our nation by terrorists striking at Islamic sanctities.”

At that, the Mufti declared that the security of Saudi Arabia is that of all Arabs and Muslims.

“We would like to thank Egypt, KSA, UAE, and all GCC countries for their supportive stances towards Lebanon and Arab and Muslims causes, and for combating terrorism.”

Upon concluding the Eid speech, Deryan along with a number of deputies headed to the tomb of martyr Rafik Hariri and prayed for his soul and for his fallen comrades.

Source: National News Agency