Lebanese Grand Mufti, Sheikh Abdellatif Derian, addressed Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, saying “We are by your side, regardless of everyone else’s opinion. All the Lebanese stand by you, because you are a man of pure national positions and a man who always says that the homeland’s interest comes first.”

The Mufti made these remarks during a celebration held at the Mohammed Al-Amin mosque on the occasion of the birthday of the Prophet, in the presence of Prime Minister Saad Hariri, former Premier Fouad Siniora, Ambassadors of the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Indonesia to Lebanon, as well as a number of Deputies and ranking dignitaries.

“The Sunni community in Lebanon is dear, strong and cohesive as long as its political references are compatible and in agreement over its affairs,” Derian started by saying.

Addressing Hariri, he said “We understand your resignation and the reasons behind it. We did not say we were in favor of that resignation. You have decided to hold on, thus allowing all the political forces to consult and discuss the means to save Lebanon from the blazing surrounding environment and not interfere in the affairs of others.”

“We, the Lebanese, are the most loyal and keen on good relations with the Arab countries, especially with the sisterly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We have not changed and we never will.”

“We, Muslims, are the keenest on national unity in these days. Therefore, we call upon all Lebanese to uphold national unity and preserve it. We must protect our coexistence, our conviviality and national harmony among religious communities in Lebanon. We must all cling to the Constitution, and the Taif agreement, and preserve security, stability and civil peace,” Derian concluded.

Source: National News Agency