Culture Ministry: Organization Cairo International Biennale for Child Art

In cooperation with Plastic Arts Sector, headed by Dr. Khaled Sorour and Amisia Association for Education through Art – Africa and the Middle East, a Supreme Committee, headed by Dr. Soria Sedqi and Dr. Ahmed Hatem, the General commissarial,was formed under the title ” My Favorite Place”.

The candidacy is available starting from the next 1st July for the children from 4 to 18 years old, in addition to all the children with special abilities under 18 years old.

Abdel-Dayem said that Cairo International Biennial of Child Art is the gift of Egypt to the children of the world, pointing out that the creation of an international forum, that brings the children together on the land of the oldest civilizations, comes with faith in the ability of creativity to improve individuals, enable generations to raise societies and state the noble values and ideals in the conscience especially for the young people who represent the pillars of the nations.

Plus, she stressed that Cairo International Biennial of Children’s Arts was founded as one of the fruits of the directions aimed at creating cooperation between the official organs of the state and civil society institutions to achieve the development Sustainability axes.

For his part, Dr. Khaled Souror, head of the plastic Arts sector, said that the slogan of the founding Edition of Cairo International Children’s Art Biennale

“My favorite place” is inviting the children of the world to express their dreams, ambitions, their sense of their preferred place, their relationship with it and other thoughts dreamed by children’s imagination.

As for the conditions of candidacy, the head of the Supreme Committee of the Biennial stated that no one should help the child to produce his creative work so as to achieve the value of intellectual originality and to provide one individual artistic work or collective artistic work.

The candidate should mention the reason behind choosing the place to show the child’s perception of the world and his ability to pay attention and be accurate in searching and observation, in addition to reveal the element of imagination, which is one of the most important features of the arts of the child.

Dr. Ahmed Hatem, the General commissarial said that the participation form can be obtained from the Biennial website or from the Fine Arts Sector website as the following (

Registration is also available and the form is available through the Education Directorate of the Ministry of Education, the form should include a personal photo for the creators of the artwork, indicating that the conditions of participation provided the opportunity for young artists to choose the raw materials they can use, such as oil colors, flu master, pastels, water colors, inks, colored leaves, ceramic and ceramic paste, in addition to digital photography and all other expression mechanism (drawing – photography – Collage – Drilling – Sculpture – forming holographic – Media Arts � Photography).

It is worthy of note that the conditions included the presentation of printed images of the works, whether colored, black and white.

Two dimensions that the area is not less than 70 cm x 50 cm and not more than 50 cm.

The work is organized as follows: classifying art works according to the age stage allocating a separate section of the exhibition to the works provided in the name of the schools, allocating a section for the children with special abilities.

The Biennial Administration is entitled to use the works of art in the booklets for the conference and in cultural purposes.

The prizes are awarded for works, namely, a certificate of the Plastic Arts Sector and commemorative medals.

The top three contestants from the categories selected works will participate in the design of the biennial catalog and other publications as well as organizing a joint exhibition of works participating in Al- Jazeera Center of Arts.

Source: State Information Service Egypt