Court clears seven policemen accused of killing protesters in 2011 uprising

The North Cairo Criminal Court on Wednesday acquitted seven policemen accused of killing one protester and injuring 11 others in the Cairo neighborhood of Marg during the 25 January revolution.

It was the second time for the case to appear in that court, after a previous panel of judges at the same court declined to review the case, and the Appeals Court then assigned a different panel to do so.

The Public Prosecution had charged three high-ranking policemen and four low-ranking policemen with attempted and premeditated murder.

According to the Ministry of Health, some 850 protesters were killed and 6,000 injured from excessive force used by the police against protesters during the 18-day uprising.

Most of the policemen charged in the protesters’ deaths have been cleared of the charges.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm