CAIRO A delegation of Kuwaiti lawmakers visiting their counterparts in the Comoros held talks with their hosts on Saturday, focusing on boosting bilateral relations.

Comorian MP Ali Ahmad welcomed the Kuwaitis, noting that it was the first such visit to his country by Kuwaiti lawmakers.

Head of the delegation MP Saud Al-Heraiji said the visit afforded both sides the opportunity to exchange viewpoints and expertise on plethora of mutual issues.

Member of the delegation MP Ahmad Al-Azmi said the Kuwaiti lawmakers explained in a brief presentation the inner workings of the legislative process in Kuwait, noting Kuwait’s adherence to democracy and the rule of law and accountability to all including ministers of the state.

On the flip side, Comorian MP Ali Ahmad gave a presentation on the workings of the parliament in his country, saying that the parliament consists of 33 members from four different islands representing 24 consistencies. Legislative elections, he said, take place every five years.

Chairman of the committee on industry in the Comorian parliament added in the presentation that her country’s economy depends mostly on agriculture, although it is cooperating with major energy companies to look for oil on the Comoros Islands. She said her country was also working with the EU on expanding the nation’s fishing industry.

The Kuwaiti lawmakers’ visit is part of the Kuwaiti National Assembly program for visit exchanges with the parliaments of friendly countries, aiming at strengthening bilateral ties in all fields.

The delegation includes MPs Dr. Ahmad Mati’e Al-Azemi, Hamdan Salem Al-Azemi, Mohammad Marwi Al-Hadiya and Saud Nashmi Al-Heraiji.

Source: KUNA