Clashes between Morsy supporters and residents near Azhar Mosque

Clashes erupted before Friday prayers between hundreds of residents of the Gamaliya neighborhood and supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsy in front of Al-Azhar mosque, as the residents held banners supporting the army and condemning the Muslim Brotherhood.
The banners read, “Morsy wants American legitimacy, when will we protect the legitimacy of the Egyptian People,” and “a strong army [means] a strong state.”
Dozens of Pro-Morsy protesters gathered inside the Azhar mosque yard after prayer while, on the other hand, hundreds of anti-Morsy neighborhood residents assembled in rejection of the former, leading to clashes between the two. Gunfire was heard.
The residents threw the supporters out of the mosque and threw empty bottles at them, leading the Morsy supporters to disperse, although some remained besieged inside the mosque.
Residents arrested three Morsy supporters and handed them over to the police department, accusing them of carrying weapons.
Islamist forces are organizing mass protests on Friday against what they describe as a “military coup” and to demand that ousted president Mohamed Morsy return to the presidency.  They also reject any roadmap presented by the armed forces.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm