Azzam Al-Ahmad visits Berri: Situation at home is explosive, threatening peace process

Speaker of the House Nabih Berri met this afternoon in Ain al-Tineh with member of the Fatah Central Committee Azzam Al-Ahmad, the Ambassador of Palestine to Lebanon Ashraf Dabour, and the secretary of Fatah and the PLO factions in Lebanon Fathi Abu al-Urdat, with talks touching on the latest developments on the Arab and Palestinian arenas.

“We are honored to meet with Speaker Berri (…) whom we regard as one of the pillars of Lebanese-Palestinian relations and the unity of the Lebanese and Palestinian peoples, in light of the care provided for Palestinian guests in Lebanon and the attention given by the Lebanese State and people to the Palestinian situation,” said Al-Ahmad.

Briefing Berri on the latest developments in Palestine and abroad, mainly “on the Trump plan so-called the deal of the century,” Al-Ahmad asserted that “the Palestinians are addressing it firmly by cutting all forms of political relations with the United States, even at the level of the consulate in Al-Quds, next to our clash with the Israeli occupation to counter the ongoing plan to Judaize Al-Quds and separate it from the West Bank.”

“The situation at home is explosive and it is escalating further, threatening the whole peace process in the region,” he warned.

“We also discussed how the Arab position was united in light of Syria’s brotherly recovery from the plot under the so-called Arab Spring which proved to be an American-Zionist scheme to sow division across Arab countries, especially in Syria, Iraq, Egypt and even Lebanon, Palestine, etc,” he went on to say.

“We also discussed the situation in the Palestinian camps and Speaker Berri expressed his satisfaction with the calm situation and the need to continue on this path, and make efforts to cut the way before all the forces of terrorism,” Al-Ahmad added thanking the Speaker for his support to the Lebanese-Palestinian joint document to care for Palestine refugees and provide a decent life for them.

Berri also welcomed in Ain el-tineh a delegation from the Beirut Merchants Association, headed by its president Nicolas Shammas, with talks touching on the economic situation.

Source: National News Agency