Army says roadmap non-negotiable: al-Hayat

Egypt's roadmap, established in association with political forces in the wake of President Mohamed Morsy's overthrow, is not up for negotiation, an official military source told London-based al-Hayat newspaper.

The source also claimed the Muslim Brotherhood is looking for immunity from prosecution or pursuit by security forces.

Prosecutors have ordered the arrest of several Brotherhood leaders on charges of inciting violence, as group loyalists continue defiant sit-ins demanding the reinstatement of Egypt's deposed president.

Army chief and Defense Minister Abdel Fattah al-Sisi removed Morsy from office on 3 July following massive protests demanding early presidential elections.

Sisi announced a roadmap, in cooperation with political and religious figures, which would see constitutional reforms and parliamentary and presidential elections brought in in Morsy's wake.

But Morsy supporters have rejected the plan as part of a military coup.

The military source urged Europe to advise the Muslim Brotherhood to abstain from violence, and to engage in the current political process after reconciliation.

The European Union's chief diplomat, Catherine Ashton, had requested to meet with several senior Brotherhood leaders during a delegation to Egypt on Monday.

The same military official revealed to al-Hayat that the military had received messages from the Brotherhood requesting immunity. The army has refused, the source said.

The military informed Brotherhood officials it would confront any attempt to exclude the Islamist organization from the political process, the source added.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm