Arafat: To turn Egypt into int’l hub for transportation, logistics

Transport Minister Hisham Arafat said his ministry is implementing a meticulous and comprehensive development plan to turn Egypt into an international hub for transportation and logistics.

He made the remarks on Tuesday 19/2/2019 during a session organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Cairo under the theme of developing the logistics sector in Egypt.

He expounded that the ministry seeks to magnify the benefit of the distinguished Egyptian location as well as the role of the Suez Canal.

The ministry plans to establish logistic centers and dry ports and linking them with a network of ring roads and railways nationwide, he said.

He said the ministry seeks to improve the passenger and cargo transportation services.

The ministry will also upgrade the customs system, he said, noting that the one-stop shop mechanism will be effective as of June 2020.

Arafat noted that the ports development projects being implemented by the ministry and the Suez Canal Authority stand at EGP 71.156 billion.

The ministry is also carrying out urgently-needed logistic projects in the fields of railways, land ports and civil aviation at EGP 35.58 billion alongside the second stage of logistic projects in the three fields at EGP 36.59 billion.

Source: State Information Service Egypt