CAIRO, The Arab Parliament has called on its members to urgently address the growing Israeli influence in Africa, in light of the current preparations to hold an African-Israeli summit in Lome, Togo, next October.

This statement which was made as part of the recommendations of the parliament’s general session that concluded here, was observed by the UAE Parliamentary Division, members of the Federal National Council.

The UAE delegation included Khalid bin Zayed Al Falasi, Chairman of the Committee on Economic and Financial Affairs; Jassim Abdullah Al Naqbi, Member of the Legislative, Legal and Human Rights Committee; Aisha Salem bin Samnoh, Member of the Social, Cultural, Women and Youth Affairs Committee, and Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed Al Yamahi, Member of the Foreign and Political Affairs and National Security Committee.

The Arab Parliament drafted a plan of action that included addressing the speakers of African parliaments, who are planning to attend the Africa-Israel Summit, to remind their governments about the rights of the Palestinian people and their right to establish an independent state, with its capital in Eastern Jerusalem, according to official international resolutions, especially resolutions 242 and 338, which were issued by the UN Security Council and the Arab Peace Initiative.

The Parliament also suggested visits by its members to the national parliaments of important African countries, to urge them to support the Palestinian cause and promote Arab-African relations.

It then discussed the developments in the political situation in the Arab region while confirming its full support for all Arab efforts to achieve peace, internal security and the interests of Arab citizens. Its members also discussed the political details of an Arab agreement to combat terrorism.

The Arab Parliament discussed a draft Arab law on investments, developments in the Greater Arab Free Trade Area, and the efforts of Arab countries to implement its declaration and ways to facilitate its executive programme.

The Parliament also addressed Arab economic development through the Joint Arab Economic Report 2016 and reviewed the implementation of an Arab media and communications strategy in the fields of economic and social development and labour issues.

During its last session, the parliament discussed the initiative to separate Islam from violence and terrorism while denouncing discrimination against Muslims, as well as several human rights issues in conflict areas in the Arab region.