CAIRO, July 15 — Arab Foreign Ministers Monday supported the Egyptian initiative to establish a ceasefire in Gaza Strip to end the Israeli killing of innocent Palestinians, urging parties concerned to accept the truce and stick to it.

The top diplomats, holding an urgent one-day meeting at the behest of Kuwait, which chairs the Arab Summit, also supported the Palestinian request for an international protection in order to end the occupation and allow the State of Palestine exercise sovereignty.

In a final statement, the foreign ministers called on regional and international parties to accept the Egyptian ceasefire initiative and ensure its sustainability.
They assigned the Arab Group in New York to hold intensive contacts to rally support for the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ request for an international protection of the Palestinian people and their lands.

They urged Israel to immediately stop its aggression on Gaza and held it fully responsible for the human and material damages caused by its offensive, now on its seventh day.

The Arab Group in the UN will act to issue a UN Security Council that would compel Israel stop its assault on Gaza, providing Israel continued violation of the UNSC statement, or July 12, over Gaza.
The Arab Group in Geneva will also call on UN Human Rights Commission and UN Human Rights Council to hold a special session to discuss the Israeli aggression.

The final statement said the foreign ministers formed a ministerial committee consisting of Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Palestine and the Arab League Secretary General.

This committee will travel to the UN to seek cessation of the Israeli hostilities and providing protection for the Palestinian people.

The top diplomat, meanwhile, supported the Palestinian national conciliation government, and said the international community should not allow Israel to undermine this government.

They thanked Egypt for helping the Palestinian in Gaza, and affirmed their support for Palestine to address the urgent needs of the Palestinian people.

They urged all countries to ban imports of products of Jewish settlements built on occupied Palestinian lands.

They urged the Arab and international media to disclose the Israeli violations in the State of Palestine.