Antiquities Minister reveals details of Minya archaeological discovery

Antiquities Minister Khaled Anani said that the newly discovered tombs in Tuna el Gebel area in Minya governorate was for a family from the upper middle class dating back to the Ptolemaic Kingdom, early Roman and Byzantine periods.

In a statement by the Antiquities Ministry on Saturday 02/02/2019, Anani noted that a joint mission made up of archaeologists from the Antiquities ministry and the Center for Research and Archaeological Studies at Minya University discovered three catacombs; each one of them leads to rock burial chambers, including several mummies. All are in good conservation condition.

The burial chambers were filled with more than 40 mummies with some of them still having fragments of colored cartonnage near their feet, the minister noted.

Mummies of children in the tombs were wrapped in linen and others were decorated with Demotic handwriting, he noted.

The Minister pledged that more archaeological discoveries would be announced later this year.

Source: State Information Service Egypt