Antiquities: Finalizing 85% of restorating Baron palace by Armed forces

The Ministry of Antiquities has finalized 85 percent of restoration work at Baron Empain Palace in Cairo’s district of Heliopolis in preparation for its opening within this year at a total cost of EGP 100 million, a ministry official said.

Restoration works of the palace are in full swing under the supervision of the Armed Forces Engineering Authority, Assistant Minister of Antiquities for Engineering Affairs and supervisor of the historic Cairo restoration project Hisham Samir said in statements Wednesday.

Non-archaeological fences that were built around the palace in 2006 have been removed due to their deteriorating condition, he said, adding that they have not been suitable for the archaeological and architectural value of the palace.

The official noted that passers-by will not be blocked from having a direct vision of the palace. They will be able to enjoy its great design, he said.

Source: State Information Service Egypt