Adabeyia port scores a new handling record .. and 10million cargo ton in 24 hours

Vice admiral/ Mohab Mameesh, head of SC authority and of SC Economic Zone has announced Adabeyia port, affiliated to SC Economic Zone, achieving a new score in cargo handling volume during current year where the port exceeded cargo handling volume reaching 10 million ton by receiving 570 vessels.

Mameesh has also added that dry bulk has constituted a percentage of 60% of total handled volume of quantity 6 million ton, general cargo of percentage 2.18 million ton, containers 6.5% of total handling volume quantity 1.24 million ton and cattle 6401ton.

He has also pointed out that experts’ percentage reached 46%, imports’ 54% of achieved handled volume. Total trucks number calling at port during this year increases to more than 225 thousand truck.

Worth noting that Adabeyia port is considered a specialized port located in front of SC southern entrance and activity, of general cargo and liquid bulk handling, increases in it; where such activity has the biggest portion in port’s productivity

Source: Maritime Transport Sector