Abul Gheit congratulates Sudan on signing power-sharing deal

Arab League Secretary General Ahmed Abul Gheit congratulated on Sunday 18/8/2019 the Sudanese people and leadership on the occasion of signing a power-sharing agreement between the main opposition coalition and the ruling military council that would pave the way for a new transitional government for the country.

A source at the league’s general secretariat said Abul Gheit entrusted a high-level delegation under ambassador Khalil al Zawady, the Arab League assistant secretary general for Arab affairs and national security, with attending the signing ceremony in Khartoum.

The source said Abul Gheit, who visited Sudan on June 16, intends to pay another visit to Khartoum soon as part of the Arab League’s efforts to support the stability and development in Sudan.

The deal, which took months to negotiate, was signed in the capital Khartoum in the presence of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia and the President of South Sudan.

It establishes a 39-month transitional period of joint rule ahead of national elections.

The agreement follows the overthrow of long-time leader Omar Bashir, who was toppled after street protests and is now awaiting trial on corruption charges.

Source: State Information Service Egypt