About Us

The knowledge ByLane covers the news from all over the world and from the African world; the purpose of the website is to keep the people of other regions aware of the activities in the African region. This knowledge Bylane is the trusted website as far as the domestic news from the Egypt is concerned, and that is because we raise the concerns of the common people through our website. The news website ensures that any news on our website do not reveal any hidden agenda as we announce it clearly. One of the goals of our news website is to unite the African world and its leaders to make the policies for the betterment of the region, and that is what we do through reporting the issues faced by each sector in the region.

Our credibility is what we take everywhere to present and we have achieved it through the constant hard work over the course of many years. In order to maintain the reliability of the website, we have to stick to the basic ethics of the journalism and that teaches us that we should not publish the news without ensuring and confirming its authenticity. This we do through keep examining the integrity of our news sources. Through Different kinds of news in our Egypt Press Releases, one can notice that each one of them consists of authentic news.

This website is the place through which the owners of the businesses can introduce their businesses to the people of the other regions and make them their loyal customers. The reason behind providing this platform was also to let the people of the rest of the world come across the remarkable resilience of the African people as they succeed in attracting an international audience for their businesses despite the fact that they are not facilitated by their respective governments properly in order to get the global reach. We are playing our small part in it by offering the businesses to submit their press releases and start making international customers for their businesses.

The ethics of the journalism teach us that we have to listen and respect the views of people regarding any event and that is what we believe very strongly. This approach moved us to show our strong presence on different social media forums, where people are free to interact with us for any news published on our website. Our regular readers enjoy our services to be aware of every happening through using our services such as daily email news alerts and RSS News Feeds.