Abed Al-Lahi puts forth a reconciliation initiative with the Egyptian-Qatari Business Council

By Basma Tharwat

Dakar Abed Al-Lahi, member of the Egyptian-Qatari Business Council, along with Muharram Halal, Chairman of the Council, put forth a reconciliation initiative in celebration of the month of Ramadan.

The initiative discusses all issues having to do with the council previously brought forth before the country’s judiciary, either by Abed Al-Lahi himself or by other representatives from the council. The initiative was launched due to the perceived significance of the upcoming stage of development, and the necessity for all people to stand shoulder to shoulder in order to pursue progress and help achieve national interest.

Abed Al-Lahi previously brought forth before the Administrative Court a case against Egypt’s Minister of Industry and Foreign Trade and Chairman of the Egyptian-Qatari Business Council, calling for the latter to be dissolved due to its violation of law number 189 passed in 1951 by the Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, regarding the executive rules and regulations governing chambers of commerce.

He said: “I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate you all during these blessed and holy days. May God grant all of us and the entirety of the Egyptian people long years of health and peace.”

Abed Al-Lahi said: “After the 30 June revolution, an arrogant, fascist, corrupt, [Muslim] Brotherhood dominated regime, which continues to speak of its intention to sell and divide Egypt for the benefit of special interest groups, was finally ousted. The popular will of the Egyptian people sabotaged the plans of the Muslim Brotherhood in order to protect freedom and promote unity amongst the people according to the grace of God. The 30 June revolution helped finish what the January 25th revolution started, solidifying the notions of democracy, freedom, justice, equality and brotherhood amongst the Egyptian people, who afterwards ceased to distinguish or discriminate against each other for any reason.”

He continued saying: “After all that took place in the way of positive and negative indicators over the last year, which piled on top of each other and helped lead to the outbreak of the 30 June revolution and the subsequent ouster of the Brotherhood regime, whose grip on power was the primary cause of conflict between myself and all of you in this council, I would like to emphasise now that this conflict was not personal, but rather existed for the benefit of entire Egyptian nation. You are all aware of the extent to which I value and respect those of you in this council.”

Translated from Al-Borsa


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