Abdel Aal: Palestinian cause to remain no 1 cause for Arabs

Egyptian Parliament Speaker Ali Abdel Aal, who is also the chair of the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union, stressed that the Palestinian issue will remain the most important Arab cause and East Jerusalem will remain the capital of the Palestinian territories.

Addressing the 29th session of the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union in Jordan on Sunday 3/3/2019, Abdel Aal called for putting differences aside and settling the Palestinian cause.

He said the only solution is to establish an independent state living peacefully beside Israel with East Jerusalem as its capital.

The current session focuses only on the Jerusalem cause, he said.

The conference is meant to confront the US decision to declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, he said, stressing the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union’s rejection of the US decision.

Working groups will be formed to take part in all international forums addressing the Palestinian cause.

Abdel Aal, who also chairs the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union, said the working groups due to be formed will participate in international forums to post world countries on how far the US decision on Jerusalem is unjust to the Palestinian people.

He slammed the US decision as contradicting all international resolutions and humanitarian principles.

He added that the world stopped helping the Palestinian children at their schools by suspending support for UNRWA.

He added that Arabs will continue their struggle to realize just peace with the two-state solution.

Source: State Information Service Egypt