A new flexible temporary mechanism to confront Coronavirus

A press release issued by the House of Representatives states  that the House of Representatives closely follows the current situation that the country is going through, and the preventive measures taken to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19 ).

* The statement emphasized that Prof. Dr. Ali Abdel-Aal, the Speaker of the Parliament, as well as the Parliament’s Bureau are carefully and continuously following-up the situation, and the measures taken by the government in this regard. The speaker of the Parliament is in constant communication with all relevant authorities to assure rapid mechanisms to limit the spread of the virus, and to take the necessary measures to eliminate it .

* The statement added that the Speaker of the Parliament directed the chairs of the specialized committees, each in its field and in light of the importance of avoiding meetings as much as possible pursuant to the guidelines and precautionary measures applied to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus by taking into account the following :

1. Following up the situation and studying the complaints referred to the chairs of the specialized committees by the representatives, the citizens, as well as the relevant proposals, and the proposed measures for helping the most affected categories in relation to the applying of the preventive measures, especially the temporary workers .

Source: State Information Service Egypt