5th-dynasty double tomb found in Pyramids

Egypt’s archaeological mission, under Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities Mostafa Waziri, discovered a double tomb for two persons dating back to the first half of Pharaohs fifth dynasty (2563 – 2423 BC) in Pyramids vicinity, said Minister of Antiquities Khaled Enany on Saturday 04/05/2019.

The tomb was reused during the times of the 26th dynasty, the minister added during a press conference held to announce the new discovery, in the presence of renowned archaeologist Zahi Hawwas.

The excavation started in August 2018 and 450 cubic meters of sands were removed to reach to the tomb which is part of an ancient dynasty cemetery, Waziri said.

He added that the unearthed tomb is located in the southeastern part of the pyramids area.

Source: State Information Service Egypt