30 June Front says “no terrorism” in new rallies

The 30 June Front will stage mass rallies on Sunday in protest against the perceived threat of "terrorism" in Egypt since ousted president, Mohamed Morsy's overthrow.

The demonstrations, which will centre on several public spaces including Tahrir Square, are entitled: "No terrorism…maintain the revolution's gains."

The front did not elaborate on what it meant by "terrorism."

The fresh call for protests comes amid a spike in violence in the Sinai Peninsula, as gangs of gunmen and security clashes clashed over the weekend.

A range of groups including Tamarod and the National Salvation Front (NSF), the main opposition force against Morsy, called on Egyptians to protest in Tahrir Square and outside the Ettehadiya Presidential Palace on Monday and Friday.

Demonstrators have been encouraged to take Iftar and Sohour, the evening and dawn meals on either side of Ramadan fasting, at protest sites.

Organizers reportedly want to demonstrate that Egyptians support the roadmap agreed by the armed forces and political and religious leaders in the wake of Morsy's downfall.

Khaled Dawoud, the NSF’s spokesperson, said after meeting with other political groups, that protests would protect the gains of the 25 January and 30 June revolutions, on top of the army-proposed roadmap.

Dawoud revealed next Friday's protests would be entitled "Friday of Victory and Crossing," in commemoration of Egypt's perceived victory in the October, or Yom Kippur, War on the 10th day of Ramadan, 1973.

Supporters of former President Morsy are still staging a sit-in in Rabea al-Adaweya Square in eastern Cairo, describing the events of 3 July as a military coup against an elected, legitimate president.

Edited translation from MENA