2,770 illegal migrants, infiltrators arrested by border guards — army

As many as 2,770 illegal migrants and infiltrators were arrested on the western and southern borders during the period from January 16 to February 12, said the army’s Spokesman col. Tamer el Refaei in a statement.

Firearms including two machine guns and 29 rifles in addition to 5,000 various bullets, four RPGs and 24 explosive charges were seized, added the spokesman.

“The measures are part of the efforts of the border guards in directing their devastating blows to criminal elements, smugglers and drug traffickers who are aiming to harm the Egyptian national security in all strategic directions,” he said.

Some 18,000 kg of Bango, 800 kg of hashish and one million drug pills were seized by the border guards, said the spokesman.

Devices for illegal mining activities were also confiscated, he added.

In North Sinai, the entrance of four smuggling tunnels were destroyed by forces, he also noted.

Source: State Information Service Egypt