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Update: 27 arrested in Garden City, accused of rioting

In the midst of ongoing violence in downtown Cairo and surrounding areas, security forces arrested 27 protesters near the US Embassy in Garden City, accusing them of inciting riots, reported the state-run MENA news agency.

The detainees were referred to …

Update: Armed men attempt to storm Port Said prison

Clashes renewed between protesters and police forces across several governorates throughout the day on Monday.

Six armed men on motorbikes opened fire at soldiers securing the Port Said prison on Monday night, said military spokesperson Ahmed Mohamed Ali.

The soldiers …

The end game for Port Said: Football case reveals new breadth of politics

PORT SAID — While wall graffiti in Cairo is fixated on the dead, those of Port Said are fixated on the would-be dead.

The faces of Homos, Outa and other defendants from among the ultras of the Port Said football …

The trials of young African footballers

Millions of young African boys dream of playing on the world stage, but many find themselves victims of fake agents. …

Conjuring the demon

Conjuring the demon

Morsy, you are now face to face with those who have lost everything, including their hope for a better future and their faith in you

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