125 soldiers dead since 2011: Army spokesperson

The total number of casualties in the armed forces in Sinai since January 2011 has reached 125, in addition to over 996 injuries amongst forces members, said Military spokesperson Ahmed Mohamed Aly.
On the other hand, 134 suspected militants were killed during the same period, including 32 Palestinians, and 154 tunnels between Sinai and Gaza were destroyed, Aly added on Sunday during a press conference held to announce the latest developments in Sinai.
He stated that the military operation has currently intensified and will continue so in the near future.
The military spokesman stressed that the armed forces will not stop operations in Sinai unless it has fully cleared all terrorists and outlaws, and after appropriate conditions are created for establishing a genuine development process under the auspices of the armed forces for the benefit of the people of Sinai.
“The armed forces, in the presence of national forces, have identified the road map.” Aly said on the role of the Armed Forces in the current period.
“We are working within the framework of the road map. An interim president, Adly Mansour, has been chosen and the armed forces are operating as an executive entity within the State. The armed forces intervene to protect vital installations and borders,” he added.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm