11 given life sentences in military trial for alleged Morsy supporters

A Suez military court has given 11 alleged Muslim Brotherhood supporters life sentences relating to charges of violence following the dispersal of pro-Mohamed Morsy sit-ins in Cairo and Giza last month.

The 11 defendants were given 25-year sentences.

Forty-five others were given five years each, while eight defendants were acquitted of charges of assualting army troops, burning military vehicles, throwing Molotov cocktails and attacking churches in Suez governorate.

The Suez court had started the trial of 64 Muslim Brotherhood members and supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsy on Tuesday morning, state media reported.

The military trial was held at Agroud, on the Suez-Cairo highway. 

The military prosecutor accused defendants of incitement, aiding and abetting the killing of citizens, burning down three churches in Suez and setting ablaze Third Field Army armoured vehicles, as well as attacking public facilities and spreading chaos.

Clashes were reported in Suez between supporters and opponents of Morsy after the violent dispersal of Morsy supporters sit-ins in Cairo and Giza on 14 August, which left at least 900 dead.