10 pro-Morsy demonstrators injured in Damietta

Ten protesters were injured while marching in support of ousted President Mohamed Morsy on Friday as violence erupted between supporters and opponents of Egypt's toppled leader, state media reported. 

The injured were transferred to hospital.
Clashes broke out after dozens of Muslim Brotherhood supporters gathered waiting for cars to transfer them to Cairo. A number of local residents accused them of hiding weapons in the vehicles.
In Kafr Bateekh, a group of people set fire to the Muslim Brotherhood's local Freedom and Justice Party headquarters, detaining a bus of 30 women who were heading to pro-Morsy protests in the Egyptian capital.
Pro-army protesters meanwhile prepared for their own demonstrations in Damietta to show their support for Defense Minister Abdel Fattah al-Sisi's call for protests mandating him to confront "violence and possible terrorism."