Women Council Opposes Proposed Women Representation in Parliament

Women were angered by the percentage allocated to their representation in the future parliament according to the new parliament law, the National Council for Women said on Thursday.

A committee formed by a presidential decree to draft this new law announced it yesterday.

Mervat Talawi, the council’s head, said that the reason for this reaction from women is that approving the law in its current form is a wrong interpretation of the new constitution, a council statement said.

Article 11 in the constitution dictates that the state should work on providing a proper representation of women in the parliament, Talawi stated.

The draft law divides Egypt into eight districts, and each district should comprise three women, three Christians, two workers and farmers, two youths, one person with special needs, and an Egyptian expatriate.

Women must not be equated with other sectors in the society, because they represent 22 million eligible voters, hence they are a main partner in drafting the country’s political future, Talawi said.

Such a small percentage of women in the parliament is not much different from the weak representation women had in previous parliaments, she added.

Women’s percentage in the council will not exceed 3.8 percent, Talawi explained.

President Adli Mansour issued a decree last month to form a committee responsible for drafting two laws to regulate parliamentarian work in accordance with the articles of the 2014 constitution.

Source : Aswat Masriya