Vital Facilities Under Protection of Armed Forces Ahead of Nov. 28 Protests – Source

Guarding strategic facilities has been handed over to the armed forces as of Wednesday evening, an army source said Thursday.

The facilities include the state TV building, central bank, electricity and water stations.

Combat forces of the special forces unit were deployed in fixed and mobile points within the scope of police stations to assist in securing vital facilities. The military police also set up ambushes and deployed patrols to arrest suspected “criminals” on main roads across the country, the source added.

The Salafist front is organising protests on Friday November 28, calling on people to take to the streets holding Qurans to “impose the Islamic identity.”

Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim said last week that all security apparatuses are ready to “abort the calls of extremist groups which aim for attacking public and private property on November 28.”

Egypt’s Al-Azhar, ministry of endowments, and several parties, including the salafi Nour party, have decried the calls, describing them as “destructive” and a “blatant act of mixing religion and politics.”

A number of ministries, security, and service apparatuses, also announced implementing security measures in anticipation of violence or chaos that might occur on Friday.

Source : Aswat Masriya