The Results of Following-Up the Presidential Elections in 2014 [press release]

The EOHR is observing the second electoral milestone as per the Post-30 June Revolution Road Map, namely thePresidential Elections held today Monday 26052014. Two presidential candidates are competing, Mr. Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi and Mr. Hamdeen Sabahy.

Presidential elections are conducted under full judicial supervision with a number of judges amounting to 16,000 members of judiciary, Public Prosecution and various entities, supervising 13,899 polling stations within the scope of 352 General Elections Committee throughout the country.The EOHR has deployed 750 observers to observe the electoral process{Cairo ,Giza,Alexandria,Fayom ,Sharqyua, Elgharbia, Domietta,Banisuief, Dakhalia,Suez, Ismaliah and Elmenia }.As well the EOHR cooperate with ECME for monitoring the electoral process within 7000 observer Throughout the country ..

Within the framework of ECME’s observation efforts, the observers confirmed that there are several violations and breaches such as the late opening of PSs, preventing observers from getting inside the polling stations, group voting, and campaigning activities.

This Statement shows all violations and breaches observed by EOHR from 09:00 am until 11:00 am, as follows:

Late opening of Polling Stations (PSs):

Daqahliyah Governorate:

PS 15, Primary School for Boys, the PS was opened at 09:45 am

PSs 5 and 6 of the same school were opened at 09:10 am.

Sharkiyah Governorate:

Late opening of PS no. 58 in the Secondary School for Girls, Al-Husaniyah Area until 09:30 am, because of the absence of the Chair of the polling station.

Minufiyah Governorate:

The late opening of PS no. 20, Toukh Primary School, Tinbasha Area, Birkeet Al-Sab’ District until 09:15 am.

The late opening of PS 24, Abdulaziz Sliem Primary School, Tinbasha Area, Birkeet Al-Sab’ District until 09:15 am.

Luxor Governorate:

The late opening of PSs no. 22 and 23, Sayid Hashim School, Al-Deer village until 09:40 am.

The late opening of PS 21 and 22, Sidy Ahmed Al-Idrisy School until 09:50 am.

The late opening of PS 24, Al-Minya Primary School for Boys until 09:20 am.

Asuit Governorate:

The late opening of PSs 9 and 10, Al-Quosiyah Secondary School.

Al Behera Governorate:

PS no. 27 in Al Mushir Abou Gazala School, opened at 9:40 AM. Some clashes took place between voters.

Damietta governorate

PS no. 23 in the Prep School for Boys, Kafr Saad, opened as late as 10 AM.

Al Minya Govenrorate

PS no. 13 in Al Kashef School opened late at 9:30 AM.

PS no. 57, 58, and 59 in Al Bergayah Prep School, Minya were opened late at 9:40 AM.

Observers were not allowed into the following polling stations:

In Damietta:

An observer was not allowed into PS no. 23 in the Boys Prep School, Kafr Saad.

In Daqahliyah Governorate:

Hamdeen Al Sabahy’s Polling Agent was dismissed from PS no. 15 in the Boys’ Pre School, because he was taking photos inside the polling station. The ECME observer was not allowed to attend the PS opening procedures by the security forces.

Voters prevented from casting their votes:

Suez Governorate:

In PS no. 22, Samy Al Barody School, PS staff are instructing voters to vote to certain candidate and three voters vote in the same time.


AlGharbiyah Governorate

In Siyam School, most voters wear T.shirts with Sisi’s picture printed on them. The voters’ lists are posted beside Sisi’s campaign posters.

Violence and Thuggery

Cairo Governorate

Members of the terrorist group, the Muslim Brotherhood torched Captain Hossam Aal’s car. He is the Assistant Chief of Helwan Police Station. The Civil Protection forces, in Cairo, managed to put out the fire before the fire completely devours the car.

Giza Governorate

Unknown assailants set some tires on fire and placed them on the the Ring Road near Kerdasah city to obstruct traffic and prevent citizens from reaching their designated polling stations. Fire was put out and traffic was streamlined.

An Improvised Explosive Device (IED) was found near a polling station in a school uptown in Barageel, Awseem. the IED was thrown on the floor and looked like two connected tube with an explosive substance and a spark.

An IED was defused in Hawamdeyah Secondary School’s garden. It had the shape of metal tube filled with explosive substance and connected to a spark. The Bomb Squad managed to defuse it.

Alexandria Governorate

Clashes erupted with the Muslim Brotherhood supporters in Falaky. Police and the army were informed, and the rioters were arrested.

Source : Egyptian Organization for Human Rights