Sisi – World Begins to Understand Egypt’s Revolution Against Extremism

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, addressing the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) meeting on Wednesday 2492014, said the world was beginning to realize what happened in Egypt when its people took to the streets last year in a revolution against the forces of extremism.

The ongoing terror in the region is a clear evidence of the real motives of that movement that we have repeatedly warned of, he told the 69th UNGA session.

Terror is an epidemic that does not differentiate between aanced and developing societies, he said.

Sisi greeted the Egyptian people for making history twice: in January 2011 and June 2013 revolutions.

Sisi thanked the thousands of Egyptians who came from Egypt and from all US States to affirm that the new Egypt is coming.

Egyptians have made history twice over the past three years. The first when they revolted against corruption and autocracy and called for freedom, dignity and social justice. The second was when they held firm to their identity and nationalism and refused to succumb to the oppression of a group that uses religion to place its narrow interests above those of a whole nation, Sisi stressed.

Sisi described the Egyptian revolutions as milestone moments that Egypt went through in the past years.

It was a turning point for Egypt, but it is only one phase of a long march towards a better future, he said.

The world has started to realize that what happened in Egypt was an uprising against the forces of extremism and darkness, who once assumed power, undermined all principles of democracy and State institutions and sought to split the unity of the nation, the President underlined.

“We have repeatedly warned against this. The principles of justice, love and tolerance that came in Judaism, Christianity and Islam were transformed by these groups into despicable sectarianism and devastating civil and regional wars that claimed the lives of innocents of various religions,” he added.

Sisi said that the region’s problems allow local and regional extremist and terrorist powers to grow. He reviewed Egypt’s efforts at the local and regional levels to combat terrorism and called for applying the rule of law and fighting this phenomenon firmly.

Sisi stressed that Egypt is able to wipe out terrorism and extremism and restore its distinguished status.

Egypt has always been capable of being a beacon of civilization and can help in restoring the cohesion of the regional order, he stressed.

Egypt’s national security is part and parcel of the Arab national security, Sisi stressed.

He noted that Egypt respects the principles of international law, treaties and conventions.

Sisi stressed that Egypt’s foreign policy is based on mutual respect and interests.

He called on the UN member States to back Egypt’s bid to obtain the UN Security Council nonpermanent membership.

“I call on member states to support Egypt’s bid to obtain the membership of UN Security Council,” Sisi said.

The President also called on the international community to face the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

“Fighting this disease is a collective responsibility to alleviate the suffering of the underprivileged people and to provide protection for our world,” Sisi said.


Source : Egypt State Information Service