Sisi Speaks to “Time” About War On Terrorism, Domestic Affairs

In one of his first interviews in the U.S., Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi said the U.S. action against the terrorists in Iraq and Syria should not be limited to those countries.

Sisi added that the Egyptian army did not wish to remove the ousted president, Mohamad Morsi, but acted after the Egyptians urged such a move.

Here is the full text of the interview:

“Imagine what would happen if you leave it (the terrorism threat in Iraq and Syria) without action. We still need more effort – it should not be limited to Iraq and ISIS.

This is a threat not just to the Middle East but to the whole world … I want to be clear with you that this ideology constitutes a problem.

There’s a fine line between extremism and killing. If we had not saved Egypt, there would have been a major problem created. The U.S. did not pay attention to that.

On ousting Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood: You dealt with the developments in Egypt as a movement by the military. But it was the Egyptian people who demanded that change of identity … A country like Egypt caught in a vicious cycle of extremism would be a threat to the whole world. The U.S. would have felt the need to destroy Egypt. We have been fighting terrorism in the Sinai [Peninsula] for a year and four months.

If the Muslim Brotherhood had been in office for another year, Sinai would have become something like Tora Bora [in Afghanistan]. It would have been civil war in Egypt.

Egyptians would not have stood still, [and] on the other side, the supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood were ready to fight.

On Egypt’s domestic challenges Sisi said: Egypt has not faced problems of this scale for over 40 years. “[We have] striking poverty, unemployment, idleness of the young people. This is fertile soil for problems.”

“Our population growth is 2.6 million people a year. In 10 years time, we expect to have 30 million people more. This is a reason for the revolution in Egypt. They want change and to move forward to a brighter future. Unfortunately, Morsi did not deal with the magnitude of the problems. ”

The government alone in Egypt won’t be able to tackle all of the problems, [but] Egypt cannot afford to fail, he said. Two revolutions are more than enough, he noted.

On the future of the Muslim Brotherhood, he said: “Our first elections were free and fair. The result of that free choice was the Muslim Brotherhood and the Muslim Brotherhood was accepted,” he said.

“But I say that in any election to be held [in the future] the Muslim Brotherhood will not be fortunate to have a share.”

On the risks of foreign jihadists in the battle against terrorism: “Watch out for your citizens who join jihad. When they come back to their communities, they will pursue the same practices. This is why we can’t just limit the effort to the military.”

The actions taken over the past year are not enough to terminate this … No one country is immune to this ideology, Sisi warned. “The foreign fighters will come back to your country. I’m afraid it will be disastrous.”

On the role of Islam in his life, he said: “I simply represent moderate Islam. I’m concerned about the challenges of poverty and ignorance in the Muslim world. I can’t be against Islam – I consider myself a devout Muslim – but the reality poses a challenge.”

Source : Egypt State Information Service